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Fluke Introduces New Multiproduct Calibrators

Latest line touts comprehensive coverage, ease of use

Published: Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 13:00

(Fluke Calibration: Everett, WA) -- Fluke Calibration has rolled out a range of new, high-performance multiproduct calibrators: 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A.

The calibrators feature:
• 4:1 test uncertainty ratio (TUR) for most popular 6.5 digit multimeters
• 30-amp continuous current output to extend AC/DC measurement ranges
• Measuring AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and inductance, and more
• Automation with MET/CAL Calibration Management software
• A 7-in. color touchscreen

With redesigned ranging, one calibrator can do more. The 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A are optimized to match the range-switching of 6.5-digit, 5.5-digit, and 4.5-digit mulitimeters.

The 5522A was designed to range in multiples of 3.3x. Fluke’s new calibrators range at 1.2x, matching digital multimeters at their ideal specification points. With these improvements, you can calibrate more of your multimeter workload with a single calibrator with even greater confidence.

All models include a 30-amp continuous current output that can run continuously with no duty cycle. While other calibrators could be required to turn off for 7 minutes for every minute of use, Fluke’s new calibrators don’t overheat, even with hours of heavy use. There’s less wait time and better throughput.

A patented new interface and new safety features help get users up to speed quickly and confidently; anyone with a basic understanding of electronics can be an operator. At every step, the new 7-in. graphical user interface and light-up terminals work together to guide users through procedures, with important information displayed large enough to read from across the laboratory. Once users learn how to operate one function, they know how to operate them all. The intuitive interface can be learned in minutes and is available in nine languages.

The menu-driven interface of the 5522A is intuitive and easy to read, providing touch access to common functions without menu scrolling. The menu is simplified, displaying only the information needed for each procedure.

For those who work in the field, the portability kit protects the calibrator and makes it easier to transport. The kit includes front/rear bumpers and an easy-grip side handle. A transit case (included) is designed for shipping the calibrator, with or without the portability kit.

The 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A provide reverse power protection and immediate output disconnection on the output terminals for all functions. The protections apply to external voltages up to 300 Vpk and help protect the calibrator’s internal circuitry from costly operator error—preventing accidental damage and keeping the calibrator up and running.

Fluke’s engineers have improved accessories to expand users’ workload and provide repeatable results. With MET/CAL Calibration Management software and USB connectivity, automation is seamless.

The increased 30-amp output enables the 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A for higher current workloads, such as clamp meters up to 1,500 amps (with optional current coil). Continuous output means you don’t need to put the calibrator on standby for cool-down periods while using the current function. The increased throughput can be a real time-saver if you calibrate a lot of ammeters.

A new, optional 1-, 2-, 10-turn current coil and a redesigned 50-turn current coil work with the 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A to enable workloads that include clamp-type current meters and oscilloscope current probes. Each coil, like the calibrator, is designed for continuous use at 30 amps with a minimum duty cycle, improving calibration throughput as much as four times. You can use the 5560A, 5550A, or the 5540A with the Fluke Calibration 52120A Transconductance Amplifier to increase current output to 6,000 amps, which is ideal for calibrating high-current components such as Rogowski coils.

MET/CAL automation increases throughput and efficiency for the 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A, including hundreds of automated calibration procedures. MET/CAL v10.6.1 and later include a function select code (FSC) for seamless addition of the 5560A, 5550A and 5540A to existing calibration operations.

More specifications, technical data, and features of the 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A can be seen here in a PDF from Fluke Calibration.


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