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Ron Hicks


Looking Ahead at Coordinate Metrology

Published: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 14:10

As we all look forward to 2014, I ask you to keep the new CMS certification program in mind, whether you are a beginner or veteran metrologist. Our certification committee is working hard to build a program that is beneficial to our membership, as well as future members of our organization.

This past summer, the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) successfully conducted the industry’s first Level-One Certification Program for Portable 3D Metrology. Applicants from a variety of industries took the proctored, online assessment that covers foundational theory and practice common to most portable 3D metrology devices. This certification program was developed to provide industry credentials and professional dignity for metrology practitioners, as well as recognition for their degree of technical knowledge and competence. We invite you to achieve this status for the 2014 certification year, and ask that you start planning now for your training and certification requirements because the committee expects a great deal of interest.

The certification committee also piloted the Level-Two Certification examination on a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) at the 2013 Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) that was held in July in San Diego. Watch for updates on our expanding certification program posted on our website at www.CMSC.org.

The executive committee is already hard at work preparing for the 2014 conference to be held in North Charleston, South Carolina, July 21–25. You will all soon see the announcement for the CMSC call for papers. It may seem early, but we are already close to the end of the planning stages for the 2014 conference. Our organization welcomes presentations and technical papers submitted by metrology professionals from leading manufacturers, science laboratories, and academia. Suggested topics include industry best practices, scientific research and developments, and successful applications of 3D coordinate measurement systems.

All submissions of white papers are reviewed by the CMS and considered for presentation at the CMSC. Once the white papers are selected, the CMS will issue a notice of acceptance to the author(s). The CMS executive committee assesses all technical papers presented at the conference, and semiannually publishes the best papers in The Journal of the CMSC, published by Quality Digest.

The CMS will soon release the results of our 2013 Measurement Study, which focused on the importance of practical testing. Data collection was coordinated by the United Kingdom’s National Physical Laboratory, sponsored by The Metrologic Group, and assisted by members of the CMS certification committee. During the past three years, more than 500 conference attendees have participated in the data collection activity. The 2013 Measurement Study was a complete success. At the 2014 CMSC, we plan to expand the annual measurement study to include a competition and learning zone. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the remainder of 2013. We look forward to keeping you face to face with all of the new and exciting developments in the world of metrology.


About The Author

Ron Hicks’s picture

Ron Hicks

Ron Hicks is the 2013–2014 executive committee chairperson of the Coordinate Metrology Society. He is also the president of API Services Inc.