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Ron Rode


Life’s a Beach!

Published: Monday, February 9, 2015 - 14:55

The upcoming 2015 Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) will be held “beachside” this year in Hollywood, Florida, from July 20–24. Not only will you be able to swim in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean just steps away from the hotel, you will also be able to “swim” your way through the vast, exciting array of activities and functions being planned this year. Hosted by the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS), this conference is the ultimate event to see and try out the latest and greatest portable measuring machines and all the peripherals. But more importantly, the knowledge you can come away with is priceless.

The following excerpt from the CMS Charter defines what the organization is all about… Education! “The Coordinate Metrology Society is devoted to expanding and promoting the usage of mobile metrology systems. The membership assembles each year at the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference to learn about the latest in-use advancements and new product developments in measurement software or systems that produce, utilize, and analyze three-dimensional coordinate data.”

The Exhibition Hall, an educational wonder in itself, will be packed with almost every portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) on the market. You can talk to experts from every field about your measurement needs, concerns, and issues all in one location. You will also be able to perform hands-on trials and comparisons to find the system that truly fits your specific criteria.

In the Exhibit Hall, you will also find the Measurement Zone. Wow, what an experience! With multiple different areas being planned, this has become the “must see and participate” part of the conference, including competitions, e-learning, hands-on workshops, and measurement applications utilizing different PCMMs. This will not only provide you with basic principles but also with advanced techniques and information, as well as testing your true knowledge level.

The CMS Level-One and Level-Two Certification examinations will be conducted again this year during the conference. Level-One is a proctored online examination covering fundamentals about theory, proper practices, and PCMM device differentiation and selection. The Level-Two Certification exam is a hands-on performance examination conducted by an authorized proctor for users of articulating arm PCMMs. The Level-Two Certification exam tests the candidate’s ability to demonstrate proper usage and measurement techniques while measuring an artifact for accuracy and post data-collection analysis. Certification is gaining in popularity as a “proof of capability” and might soon to be a necessity for career-minded metrologists. The career credentials gained through both certification programs help quantify an employee’s knowledge of metrology— essential to ISO-certified manufacturers and companies with quality management systems.

Another truly educational aspect of the CMSC is the technical presentations, seminars, and workshops. From basic to intermediate to advanced, a multitude of topics will be presented by highly acclaimed scholastic individuals and veteran “on the floor” users who are known for their capabilities and prowess in their fields. Whether you are new to CMSC or a returning alumni, the transfer of knowledge put forth here is indispensable.

Not to be forgotten are the networking events that commence on Monday evening with the Ice Breaker, and take place every day through Friday. This is where the “meat and potatoes” of metrology practice and application can be discussed with many talented and knowledgeable individuals in fun social environments.

All in all, there is a vast ocean of information just waiting for you to immerse yourself in. Make plans early to join us this year at the 2015 CMSC in Hollywood, Florida, from July 20–24! Room sellout is imminent. Visit our website for more details.


About The Author

Ron Rode’s picture

Ron Rode

Ron Rode is the executive chairman of the Coordinate Metrology Society. E-mail him at chairman@cmsc.org.