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Belinda Jones


Coordinate Metrology Society Touts Record Number of Technical Presentations for CMSC 2018

Published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 11:00

The Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) has long been revered by measurement professionals for its original technical papers and presentations covering current and future industry trends. This year, the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) has outdone itself with its extensive slate of 28 unique technical presentations for this year’s conference, which will be held in Reno, NV, from July 23–27, 2018.

The organization has long served the specialized needs of the portable 3D measurement/inspection professionals and scientists worldwide. This year, the CMS opens their doors to the traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) community, and honors their attendance with seven technical presentations for this segment of the industry. The five-day event always provides an open, educational atmosphere for attendees and exhibitors to share their experiences and challenges, research, concepts, and theory.

Original technical presentations

The CMS has finalized its peer-review of a record number of abstract submissions, and selected 28 original technical presentations from industry experts representing leading international companies and organizations such as NIST, NPL-UK, Lockheed Martin, The Boeing Company, Boeing Canada, Navy Sea Systems Command, Tusas Engine Industries Inc., Newport News Shipbuilding, Electroimpact, Hardringe Inc., Capvidia, FFT, and more. The scientific community is well represented with papers chosen from Argonne National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Fermi National Laboratory. Prestigious educational institutions are also in the mix including MIT Lincoln Labs, the University of Bath Mechanical Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Science, and Tianjin University. The CMS Executive Board publishes top selections in its prestigious Journal of the CMSC.

The 2018 CMSC presentation roster lives up to tradition with topics covering best practices, emerging trends, and the application of metrology techniques and technology. Subject matter is wide-ranging, from “Laser/Optical Scanning: Technology Overview from a User’s Perspective” to “Coordinate Measuring Machines in a Department of Defense Research Environment,” to “Automated Navy Radar Array Survey with Laser Trackers.” Speakers will explore the use of portable 3D coordinate measurement systems, traditional CMMs, laser trackers, articulating arms, photogrammetry systems, laser radar, 3D scanners and sensors, inspection software, and more. For a full agenda of papers, check the CMSC website at www.CMSC.org.

CMSC attracts broad industry audience

For 30 years, the CMSC has traveled all over North America to a new venue each year. Designed to empower a rapidly evolving profession, the conference attracts metrology practitioners, quality control managers, manufacturing executives, scientists, students, and educators—hailing from prominent science/research laboratories, educational institutions, and industries such as aerospace, satellite, automotive, shipbuilding, power generation, and general engineering. At CMSC, attendees always find enriching, informative opportunities to learn about technology achievements, network with high-level master users, and get an overall picture of the state of the metrology industry.

The CMS supports metrologists through education but also connects conference delegates to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), software developers, and service providers. The CMSC Exhibition Hall features the popular Measurement Zone and Education Zone, and more than 45 exhibitors showcasing the most current 3D measurement and inspection solutions utilized in manufacturing, research and development, and various scientific fields. Attendees can also participate in training courses, metrology challenges, educational forums, industry updates, and a local tour.

CMS certification assessments during CMSC

The Coordinate Metrology Society is driven by its educational mandate to help members hone their skills and attain industry credentials for career advancement. The CMS also offers proctored Level-One and Level-Two Certification examinations during the CMSC. Certification program guidelines and application forms are available at www.CMSC.org/cms-certification.

At CMSC 2018, the CMS Certification Committee will offer a pilot examination for the industry's first Level-One Certification for traditional CMM operators. The proctored, online assessment consists of about 200 multiple-choice questions covering foundational theory and CMM common practices. The CMM community is invited to take the pilot exam at no cost during the conference. To participate, candidates must register online at http://cmscevents.org/2018_CMM_pilot.html.

Also at CMSC, a second pilot assessment will be conducted for a new CMS Level-Two Certification program for 3D scanner users. The 3D scanner community is invited to take the pilot exam at no cost during the conference. The hands-on, device-specific assessment will be conducted by CMS-authorized proctors. Applicants for CMS Level-Two Certifications must register online at http://cmscevents.org/2018_3dLaserScannerPilot.html. First come, first served. Early registration is encouraged.


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