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Scott Sandwith


The CMSC Leads Attendees to New Metrology Frontiers

35th anniversary conference coming up July 22–26 in Orlando, FL

Published: Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 20:22

No matter how much metrology experience you have gained as a practitioner, the 2019 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) is designed so every level of attendee can learn something new. CMSC provides the venue to explore new concepts, systems, interfaces, tools, and the opportunity to train with the experts.

This year’s knowledge transfer begins with a blockbuster suite of 21 technical papers and expert speakers assembled by Dan Sawyer, chair of our technical presentations committee. Next on the agenda is our lead keynote presentation from Michael Raphael, president of Direct Dimensions and a veteran metrologist, entitled “The Future of 3D Metrology.” We are also honored to host former NASA astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar as the featured speaker at our Wednesday night banquet. Dr. Dunbar will share her vast background of groundbreaking experiences in space and her stellar contributions here on Earth. Her presentation is a stellar highlight of our new “Women in Metrology” program this year.

These 21 technical presentations cover trending topics like photogrammetric robot calibration and automated cutting path compensation using as-build scans for oxy-fuel cutting. This year’s roster also introduces a new immersive positioning and measuring method proposed by the integration of visual measurement, inertial measurement, and augmented reality, as well as new techniques for integrating measurements from different metrology systems to produce the best results.

Members of the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) get access to the latest developments, applications, techniques, and researchers via these technical presentations during the conference. The opportunity to ask questions and develop/renew relationships with industry colleagues can provide great benefit to your organization and enhance your forthcoming projects. Additionally, the interaction can help shape the next development, tip, or technique that leads to better measurements and greater value delivered to applications. The CMSC is genuinely fortunate to have so many key metrology leaders willing to step forward to present their findings and mentor new CMS members.

Over my years as a volunteer on the CMS Executive Committee, I always look forward to meeting the presenters and enjoy learning how they crafted new techniques to get better and faster results that are easier to communicate to their peers and managers. The net effect of the effort is often how they turned data into information that their department or customer used to streamline the production process. I have found that the instinct and motive to build quality manufactured parts better, faster, and cheaper runs at the core of every savvy 3D measurement professional.

Our community of metrology system managers, engineers, and technicians are valuable and critical to this goal of building it better, faster, and cheaper. The CMSC provides the venue to explore new concepts, systems, interfaces, and tools, and to train with the experts. Don't miss this opportunity to participate, learn, get your hands on new technologies, and build relationships with new technology developers at the 35th anniversary CMSC in Orlando, FL, July 22–26.


About The Author

Scott Sandwith’s picture

Scott Sandwith

Scott Sandwith is the 2019 Chairperson for the Coordinate Metrology Society. He is the custom projects manager for New River Kinematics (NRK), a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence company. Sandwith works with the entire NRK team to develop optical metrology solutions to help manufacturers to automate their operations, achieve system requirements, and meet production rate goals, as well as identify, develop, and deliver custom solutions to major customers, OEMs, and integrators. Sandwith holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Washington State University.