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Dirk Dusharme @ Quality Digest


Large-Scale 3-D Metrology Highlighted at Upcoming CMSC

The Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference is the only U.S. show dedicated to large-scale 3-D measurement.

Published: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 03:00

Investing in capital equipment always involves an analysis of the return on investment (ROI), but never as much as during a recession. The question this year is often, "Our company is already tightening its belt, is this equipment going to help us save a lot of money in a relatively short time frame?" As reported in Quality Digest Daily, the market for large-scale 3-D metrology equipment could pick up in 2009, but a lot of that hinges on buyers having a clear understanding of the equipment’s ROI and 3-D equipment manufacturers doing a good job of communicating cost vs. benefit.

There is no event in the United States better situated to communicate the value and ROI of large scale 3-D metrology than the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference. This year’s CMSC, its 25th, will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, July 20–24. It is the only show dedicated specifically to large-scale 3-D measurement equipment and software.

Quality Digest has been the media partner for the CMSC for five years. "The reason we got involved, and what we think makes the CMSC stand apart from other trade shows, is its emphasis on information sharing," says Mike Richman, publisher of Quality Digest Daily. "Because the show is relatively small by trade show standards—last year’s show had about 600 attendees—show organizers and exhibitors concentrate on giving attendees as much time and information as possible to help them understand which 3-D measurement solution is best." 

The heart of the CMSC are the technical presentations, which provide 3-D solutions in action—everything from photogrammetry and laser trackers, to articulating arms and structured white-light scanners. These are rarely sales pitches for one technology. Because the issues involved in large-scale 3-D measurement are complex, presentations often focus on how multiple 3-D equipment, often from different vendors, can be used to solve unique 3-D measurement problems.

Some of the white papers’ content scheduled to be presented at this year’s conference include:

Ambient testing of the James Webb Space Telescope using a laser tracker and laser radar

Measurement-assisted assembly for large-volume aircraft wing structures

Volumetric error compensation—innovative methodology for large machine-tool calibration

The measurement of the USS Monitor’s XI-inch Dahlgren gun

Geometry inspection of precision-forged crank shafts based on optical multisensor techniques


White papers presented at the CMSC during the past four years have been collected in the semiannual publication, The Journal of the CMSC, copies of which will be available at this year’s show. Quality Digest is proud to help edit and produce this in-depth presentation of the CMSC white papers. The next issue of The Journal of the CMSC, based on some of the papers presented during the 2009 conference in Louisville, will be offered to selected readers of Quality Digest Daily later this summer; if you’ re not on the distribution list, visit www.cmsc.org to learn how to get your own copy. You can also visit the CMSC web site for information about how to join the CMS Society, or even register for the conference—if you hurry.

We look forward to seeing you in Louisville. Be sure to stop by booth No. 609, where you’ll find the Quality Digest Daily team. We’re proud to support the Coordinate Metrology Society—the user group that runs the CMSC.

Following you’ll find a complete list of all exhibiting vendors.


AICON 3D Systems GmbH

Booth No. 605


AICON 3D Systems is one of the world leading providers of optical-camera-based 3-D measurement systems. We develop and distribute systems for the business areas of inspection and testing. The majority of our clients operate in the automotive and aerospace market.


Applied Automation Technologies Inc.

Booth No. 507


Applied Automation Technologies Inc. (AAT) has 21 years of experience in developing 3-D metrology software. With CAPPS software, AAT provides a complete dimensional inspection solution for all measurement applications. CAPPS enables quality control to CAD/CAM through an easy user interface. AAT provides industry’s cutting edge measurement software with plug and play interfaces for most of the CMMs and machine tools found in today’s inspection and manufacturing facilities. Any machine can be upgraded with state-of-the-art software while keeping minimum downtime in the most cost effective way.


Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.

Booth No. 412


Assembly Guidance Systems is the leading supplier of advanced, stand-alone and integrated laser projection systems. Assembly Guidance offers a line of LASERGUIDE products and solutions. LASERGUIDE projects CAD images directly onto tooling, eliminating templates for hand-layed composites. Automatic Ply Verification: traceable quality control documentation of ply presence, location, fiber orientation. KitGuide improves nesting efficiency by projecting ply pickup sequence. LaserNow software provides laser data and instant display from any digital model. Universal LASERGUIDE: the only wireless, targetless, portable multitasking 3-D laser system with AutoAim and AutoFocus.


ATT Metrology Services Inc.

Booths No. 804–806


ATT Metrology Services is a world-class provider of large volume precision dimensional metrology services and equipment leasing. ATT utilizes the most advanced and accurate 3-D measurement equipment and software available. ATT employees are highly skilled in the latest techniques of 3-D measurements and have a wealth of experience working with major manufacturers fabricating, inspecting, alignment, reverse engineering and developing vehicles, aircraft, communication systems, and facilities. Established in 1988, ATT has rapidly grown to be a premier provider of laser trackers, total stations, laser scanners, and digital photogrammetry services to aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, scientific, marine, nuclear, construction, communications/antenna, and entertainment industries.


Automated Measurement Technologies

Booth No. 610


Automated Measurement Technologies specializes in the development of custom software-based measurement, analysis, and reporting tools to accelerate your metrology workflow. We provide solutions that slash costs, trim schedules, reduce errors, and eliminate rework. Services include Advanced Measurement Plan scripting for New River Kinematics’ SpatialAnalyzer software, automation consulting, software analysis tools tailored to your specific applications, and automated reporting. Need to perform complex calculations on your measurement data, all hands-off and instantaneously? Want to turn your week-long analysis and reporting process into a 20-second operation? Want to standardize a complex process for your metrologists? It’s what we do.


Automated Precision Inc. (API)

Booths No. 501 and 508


Automated Precision Inc. is a rapidly growing global company that is a world leader of advanced metrology solutions for industry. Throughout its 20-year history, API has developed numerous products for industrial measurement, inspection, and calibration. Holding more than 10 critical patents and maintaining a sizeable engineering staff, API is proud to provide total system solutions, service, and a professional customer-responsive approach to solving problems.



Booth No. 414


Bal-tec is a 55-year-old company. We manufacture custom precision balls, modified balls, and ball gages. We make standard kinematic components or we will build the final product and we will provide engineering assistance. We build an extensive line of CMM calibration equipment. These include ball bars, dumbbells, stands and holding fixtures, probe calibration spheres, ball plates, and much more.


Basis Software Inc.

Booth No. 704


Basis Software Inc. manufactures and markets its own line of light-weight and compact Surphaser 3D laser scanners, and also supplies original equipment manufacturer products for laser scanner manufacturers. Known for its unsurpassed accuracy, scan quality, and speed (up to 1,000,000 points per second), the Surphaser line provides submillimeter accuracy in both short-range and medium-range models. Ideal for use in reverse engineering, dimensional control, computer gaming, historical preservation, architecture, and forensics. Surphaser scanners are deployed worldwide, delivering unparalleled precision and value in 3-D scanning.


Breuckmann 3D Scanning Solutions

Booth No. 606


Breuckmann 3D Scanning Solutions’ topometric metrology, based on fringe projection techniques, and photogrammetry, has extended image processing to the third dimension. For more than 20 years, Breuckmann has been an innovative leader in system development and product manufacturing. With our diversified product spectrum, we cover a wide range of technical applications such as reverse engineering, inspection, rapid prototyping, design, surface inspection and more. Based on fringe projection techniques, Breuckmann has developed a complete product spectrum of high-definition 3-D surface scanners for a wide range of applications in industry, cultural heritage, medical technology, cosmetics, 3-D photography, and many others.


Brunson Instrument Co.

Booths No. 103–104


Brunson Instrument Co. provides ISO 9001-certified manufacturing, engineering, technical services, training, and measurement consulting to clients employing large volume metrology. Founded in 1927, Brunson became the recognized leader in optical-tooling-alignment instruments and accessories, a position still maintained today. As large volume metrology evolved, employing numerous high-technology measurement products, Brunson expanded into new areas by leveraging its experience and manufacturing excellence. This includes the development of many standard accessories required by operators of quality-driven industrial measurement systems, as well as the design and manufacture of other custom metrology products.


BuildIT Software Solutions Ltd.

Booths No. 509–510


BuildIT Software Solutions is a pioneer in portable metrology software. We were the first to introduce real-time 3-D design-based graphical tool building and measurement. Today, we continue to lead with our innovative metrology solution Build!IT which brings productivity and clarity to the measurement, inspection and assembly processes. Build!IT provides a traceable, model-based approach to measurement planning, GD&T, and native support for CATIA, UG-NX and other design systems. Most important, our ability to simplify and automate processes and our first-class support will provide you with effective results in an environment that is driven by pressures regarding the manufacturing bottom line.


Capture 3D Inc.

Booths No. 701–702


Capture 3D’s complete measurement solutions save companies’ time and money by improving design/manufacturing processes. Solutions are utilized in various industries’ current manufacturing and development environments for inspection/quality control, FEA/CFD analysis, reverse engineering, and 3-D visualization applications. A few customers include Alcoa Howmet Castings, Boeing, BMW, Cessna, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Honeywell, Nascar, NASA, Nissan, Pratt & Whitney, Spirit Aero, Toyota, and more. Let Capture 3D benchmark your application today.


Cerritos College

Booth No. 706


Cerritos College, one of the largest community colleges in Southern California, provides students and industry with seven major technologies. Technical consulting, economic development and workforce development provided by the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) directly supports industry and manufacturing in Southern California by outsourcing of technical training. The CACT program office provides work-force training and technical services to local manufacturing businesses. A new 3-D lab and lecture facility has been established to support the metrology industry. California Manufacturing Technology Consulting and Cerritos College are in a strategic partnership in conjunction with the Manufacturing Extension partnership, NIST, U.S. Department of Commerce.


DimEye Corp.

Booth No. 613


DimEye Corp. provides services and system integration in the field of photogrammetry in hazardous environments (nuclear, underwater, high/low temperature, vacuum). DimEye Corp. is a U.S. company based in Los Angeles, California, and in Charleston, South Carolina. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, DimEye is proposing innovative approaches allowing remote-controlled targetless surveys, achieving high accuracy through specific image processing and computation algorithms. Applications are concerning many industries like nuclear, aeronautics and space, oil and gas, automotive, and big projects such as telescopes, particle accelerators, and large physics-research machines.


Direct Dimensions

Booth No. 703


Direct Dimensions Inc. specializes in the application and sales of advanced 3-D digital imaging and industrial measurement products for the solution of complex 3-D problems. We provide solutions for a wide range of fields from engineering and manufacturing to art and architecture. We specialize in the application of advanced 3-D digitizing and laser scanning systems and the conversion of raw point-cloud data into high-resolution, high-accuracy 3-D computer models for manufacturing, analysis, and visualization applications. Other applications include reverse engineering, and measurement of existing components for electronic comparison of actual parts, tools, and molds to the intended engineering design requirements for quality control.


FARO Technologies Inc.

Booths No. 301–302, 308–309


FARO is a global technology company that develops portable devices for 3-D measurement, inspection, imaging, and documentation. Our focus is on simplifying our customers’ work with tools that make them more productive. Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond product performance… with FARO you have 3-D-measurement peace of mind. FARO’s solutions have empowered manufacturers worldwide to dramatically reduce their on-site measuring time and eliminate manufacturing errors. Our instruments allow for more complex measurement which could not be achieved with traditional techniques. Visit www.faro.com and explore the benefits FARO delivers on our customers’ investments through time-savings, productivity, and profitability.


Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI)

Booths No. 801–803


Geodetic Systems Inc. is the leading global supplier of industrial photogrammetry solutions in the portable metrology marketplace. GSI develops and markets the V-STARS family of 3-D coordinate measurement systems for users involved in measurement and inspection applications in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, power generation, antennas, heavy engineering, and shipbuilding. GSI distributes the V-STARS product line via a worldwide network of industry partners. Founded in 1977, the privately-held company is located in Melbourne, Florida. For more information about photogrammetry and V-STARS, visit GSI’s web site at www.geodetic.com.


Geomagic Inc.

Booth No. 612


Geomagic software enables engineers and designers to transform scan data of physical objects into highly accurate digital models for applications ranging from quality inspection and engineering analysis, to mechanical design and digital reconstruction of legacy parts and hand-worked molds. More than 8,000 professionals in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products and medical devices industries use Geomagic software to achieve mass customization, speed time-to-market, increase safety, and optimize design. Geomagic is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, with offices in Europe and Asia, with distributors worldwide.


Hexagon Metrology Inc.

Booths No. 408–410


Hexagon Metrology serves the high precision measurement and inspection needs of worldwide manufacturers with its extensive line of metrology hardware, software, accessories, and customer services. The company’s name-brand portfolio of quality assurance products include Brown & Sharpe, CogniTens, Leica Geosystems, m&h Inprocess Messtechnik GmbH, ROMER, Sheffield, PC-DMIS, DEA, Leitz, and TESA. Hexagon Metrology has an unrivaled installed base of more than 1.5 million handheld, stationary and portable measurement devices, and more than 30,000 seats of PC-DMIS metrology software. Hexagon Metrology is the precision measurement group of Sweden’s Hexagon AB, a publicly-traded company focused solely on measurement technologies.


Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing Inc.

Booths No. 502–503


Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing Inc. is the original and most trusted manufacturer of quality targeting, accessories and tooling components. Our designs and part numbers are recognized worldwide as the industry standard. Since selling our first theodolite target in 1984, we have been consistently leading the way in targeting for support of metrology systems. We have built our business by word of mouth on offering quality targets and superior customer service. Stop by to see our new look and pick up the latest Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing product catalog.


InnovMetric Software Inc.

Booths No. 303 and 310


Founded in 1994, in Québec City, Canada, with subsidiaries in the United States and China and distributors worldwide, InnovMetric Software develops and commercialize PolyWorks, a world-leading software solution that transforms high-density 3-D digitizers into true metrology instruments. These efforts have propelled PolyWorks as the standard point-cloud-engineering software suite for major automotive and aeronautic manufacturers worldwide. PolyWorks is a corporate solution that enables the deployment of standardized methods throughout the organization for comparing parts to CAD, analyzing GD&T, virtually gauging dimensions, meshing high-density point clouds, and rapidly surfacing digitized meshes.


Laser Projection Technologies Inc. (LPT)

Booth No. 403


Laser Projection Technologies manufactures the fastest and most accurate laser projection systems in the world, designed to fit many of today’s advanced manufacturing applications. With a variety of models available, from our smallest projector to the longest range projector on the market, LPT 3-D templating systems eliminate hard tooling and assembly templates for virtually any manufacturing or component assembly application, reducing production time and cost by up to 75 percent. These soft-tooling assembly systems are used for commercial and military projects in the aerospace and automotive industries, large vehicle and construction equipment assembly, ship and boat building, solar panel assembly, and more.


Metris USA

Booths No. 201–202, 208–209


Metris designs, develops and markets a unique innovative range of 3-D hardware and software inspection systems for the automotive and aerospace sectors. The company offers world-class metrology solutions for both design and manufacturing communities. The comprehensive product family covers the full range of measurement volumes required by customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and touch sensors. The product portfolio comprises: bridge and horizontal arm CMMs, optical CMMs, CMM laser scanners, handheld laser scanners, laser radars, IGPS tracking systems, and all necessary complementing application software.


Metrologic Group

Booths No. 807–809


A leader in its market and the largest independent 3-D inspection software company, Metrologic has established the standard in 3-D software upgrades and retrofit. Our global software packages can be used directly on portable arms, laser trackers as well as other devices, including more conventional CMM. Offering complete solutions including its advanced online/offline software, reliable hardware products and especially suited services, Metrologic can help you achieve the highest quality standards by upgrading your measuring device with the latest available software and hardware technologies. For more information, visit our web site at www.metrologicgroup.com or call our toll-free number at 866-463-8765.


Metronor AS

Booth No. 405


Metronor is a privately held ISO 9001-certified high-technology company headquartered outside Oslo, Norway. Metronor has developed a range of high-accuracy, large-volume portable electro-optical coordinate measuring systems that have provided excellent return on investment for our customers as well as facilitating a highly efficient dimensional management of their manufacturing processes.


Modern Machine Corp.

Booth No. 210


Modern Machine specializes in FARO equipment rentals for the inspection of large parts or on site field verification of machine work. The company rents FARO XI Laser Trackers, FARO Platinum Arms with LDI Scanners, and LS 880 Photon Laser Scanners. Modern Machine offers worldwide rentals and inspection services. Next-day shipping available. For more information, call 206-764-6997 or e-mail jnye@modernmachine.us.



Booths No. 505–506, 512–513


NDI has provided optical based measurement solutions to industries worldwide for over a quarter of a century. With an extensive line of precision metrology products, NDI offers powerful, yet affordable, tools for inspection, reverse engineering and challenging spatial tracking applications. With a complete range of tactile probes, hand-held laser scanners, optical SMR and targeting options, the universal Optical Tracker offers much greater versatility than any other single measurement product. NDI’s Optical Tracker has no beam-break limitations or mechanical restrictions, dramatically improving ease-of-use and productivity. Available Dynamic Part Referencing automatically compensates for part or tracker movement, ensuring accuracy right on the shop floor.


New River Kinematics (NRK)

Booths No. 601–603


New River Kinematics (NRK) is an engineering software development firm specializing in spatial transformations and computer graphics. Since 1994, NRK has applied its flexible software tools to many engineering challenges including robotic simulation and control; coordinate metrology, engineering database management, and molecular modeling. The developers at NRK continually exceed customer expectations with fast, efficient software development and engineering expertise.


On-Trak Photonics Inc.

Booth No. 406


On-Trak Photonics Inc. is a manufacturer of laser alignment equipment for aircraft, shipbuilding, and industrial applications. Our laser based measurement systems enable instant measurement of X-Y deviation, in real time, at any point on a visible laser reference line up to 300 feet. Using convention optical tooling, On-Trak laser based systems offer the user an easy to operate, multitarget, instantaneous, and objective measurement at a reasonable price.


Origin Technologies Corp.

Booths No. 101–102


Origin Technologies LaserGauge is a laser profiling instrument used for dimensional measurements and surface contour analysis. The handheld or machine-mountable LaserGauge bridges the gap between mechanical gauging and CMMs. Virtual gauges allow the user to measure gap/flush, weld features, fastener height/depth, foreign object damage, corrosion pitting, wet sealant beads, leading edge thickness on turbine blades, and many other features including those needing customization. Origin Technologies also develops software for programming inspection routines, where pre-determined locations in a particular inspection order are needed.


Quality Digest

Booth No. 609


Quality Digest Daily is the online destination point for professionals in the quality industry. Founded in 1981, Quality Digest offers a feature-rich web site, updated several times each day with news, analysis, feature articles, columns, case studies, commentary, forums, book reviews, video demos, and much more. Our e-newsletter, Quality Digest Daily, presents the best of our content to the industry on an everyday basis. As it has been for nearly 30 years, our goal is to define the quality industry. Visit us online at www.qualitydigest.com to peruse our latest content, and be sure to register to the site to take full advantage of all our unique features and benefits.



Booth No. 203


QMC, the market leader in product quality validation, provides leading edge metrology and measurement information solutions, enabling global manufacturers to identify and address product fit, quality and nonconformance issues early, before they become costly build problems.


Rapidform Inc.

Booth No. 514


Rapidform is the most advanced software for 3D scan data processing. Rapidform XOR allows you to create parametric solid & surface models from scan data, and take them into Pro/E, SolidWorks, UG NX and CATIA V5. Rapidform XOV is the most repeatable, most accurate point cloud inspection software on the market today. Visit Booth 514 for more information. 


Sokkia Co. Ltd

Booth No. 608


Established in 1920, Sokkia is a leading manufacturer of precision measuring systems with a diverse product line of complete measurement solutions for surveying, mapping and GIS, industrial measurement and construction applications. For more than 85 years, Sokkia has continually focused its efforts to create measuring instruments of the highest quality. Sokkia excels in technological development and quality customer service worldwide. For more information on Sokkia’s extensive line measuring systems and accessories, visit www.sokkia.com.  


Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Booth No. 413


The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is the premier source for manufacturing knowledge, education and networking. Through its many programs, events and activities, SME connects manufacturing practitioners to each other, to the latest technology and the most up-to-date processes spanning all manufacturing industries and disciplines, plus the key areas of aerospace and defense, medical device, motor vehicles, including motor sports, and oil and gas. A 501(c)3 organization, SME has members in more than 70 countries and is supported by a network of technical communities and chapters worldwide. Visit www.sme.org for manufacturing information and involvement opportunities.


Steinbichler Vision Systems Inc.

Booth No. 614


Steinbichler Vision Systems Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary of Steinbichler Optotechnik, is a worldwide leading supplier of optical measuring and sensor technology. We develop and market highly precise measurement systems with corresponding software solutions for a wide range of applications. Our best in class 3-D digitizing products—COMET and T-scan—are in operation at numerous well-known industrial companies and research institutes. Our nondestructive testing system—ISIS based on shearography principles, is rapidly gaining aerospace customers worldwide. As a technology oriented company, we offer innovative and effective measurement solutions to address our customer’s needs.


SURVICE Metrology

Booth No. 705


SURVICE Metrology provides innovative and integrated dimensional metrology, 3-D modeling, and metrology application development services. From our metrology center in northeastern Maryland as well as its portable field measurement teams, we provide support to U.S. Department of Defense and commercial customers.


Third Dimension Software

Booth No. 607


Established in 1995, Third Dimension Software is the world’s leading supplier of non-contact handheld optical metrology solutions to the manufacturing industry. Our flagship product, the GapGun, is a light, rugged, handheld laser measurement gauge that is used extensively across the globe by the majority of automotive and aerospace manufacturers.


Verisurf Software Inc.

Booths No. 401–402


Verisurf has long been leading the metrology world with innovative software solutions that make high-tech measuring devices more productive and has kept software performance on pace, if not ahead of advances in hardware technology. Verisurf’s customer list is a "who’s-who" of major aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers, from large tier-one integrators all the way down to small machine shops. The company has a rich history that began with the early days of computer-aided manufacturing in aerospace, and is part of a group of companies that manufacture high precision components for the industry. Verisurf truly knows the industry it serves.



Booth No. 407


WNBC in LA Inc. manufactures pressure-sensitive targets in either retroreflective or white-light configurations to facilitate measurement studies. Our mission is to make your work quicker and more profitable. Our total station targets are offered with our customers’ logo and identification imprinted on them. The coded targets we manufacture are customized to be used with a variety of imaging systems. Magnetic targets offer reusability where appropriate. Kapton-backed targets are used at temperature extremes, (i.e., 500°F or cryogenic temperatures). Our clean removal ambient targets eliminate the labor and expense of a premask while providing accurate data collection.



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