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GE Measurement & Control


Advanced Industrial Computed Tomography Enters the Market

Published: Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 11:27

GE has introduced a metrology package for highly efficient, extremely precise 3D metrology performed with computed tomography (CT). The company states the enormous efficiency benefits, the use of industrial CT for nondestructive failure and structure analysis, and 3D metrology (especially for measurement of internal part geometries) is growing fast.

The phoenix datos|x 2.3 next-generation CT software from the Inspection Technologies business unit of GE Measurement & Control now features a new, one-button CT feature that enables highly automated data acquisition and volume processing. This new advancement allows 3D metrology and failure analysis tasks to be performed in a significantly faster and more repeatable fashion.

Additionally, the software comes with a new metrology package option for highly precise and reproducible 3D metrology, with a measurement accuracy referring to the VDI 2630 guideline for applying CT in dimensional measurement, which was first available in Europe and initially implemented in GE’s phoenix v|tome|x m CT system. The metrology package option offers reliable precision 3D measurements for nominal/actual CAD comparison, wall thickness analysis, and efficient tool correction tasks.

By contrast with conventional tactile coordinate measurement techniques, a CT scan of an object acquires all surface points simultaneously and includes all hidden features, such as undercuts, which are not accessible (nondestructively) using other methods of measurement. An examination report can be generated automatically in less than one hour due to the system’s considerably faster scanning, reconstruction, and evaluation possibilities.

GE’s 300 kV microfocus CT system phoenix v|tome|x m is the first of GE’s industrial CT system portfolio (made available in a specific metrology edition) to ensure extremely high precision and reliability of CT measurements. For example, this edition includes temperature stabilization of the enclosure, the high-power 300 kV/500 W microfocus X-ray tube, and the 4 megapixels high-performance 400 × 400 mm DXR digital detector. Additionally, it comes with a direct measurement system for all linear axes, test phantoms for validation and performance tests, and highly automated procedures for axis, system, and voxel calibration. Finally, for the phoenix v|tome|x m metrology edition, an accuracy specification of 4+L/100 µm referring to the VDI 2630-1.3 guideline, can be verified.

“GE’s industrial customers now benefit from both CT advantages, combining 3D metrology and inspection within one CT scan,” says Dr. Oliver Brunke, lead CT product manager for the GE Inspection Technologies business unit. “By providing more efficient 3D production process control, GE offers the system solutions to bring CT from R&D and quality labs directly to the production floor.”

A part of GE Oil & Gas, GE Measurement & Control focuses on advanced, sensor-based measurement; nondestructive testing and inspection; flow and process control; turbine, generator, and plant controls; and condition monitoring. Headquartered in Boston, the division has more than 40 facilities in 25 countries. For further information, visit online.

Beyond 3D failure analysis, industrial CT offers precise coordinate measurement and nom./act. comparison for production control and optimization.


The phoenix v|tome|x m CT scanner is now available in a metrology edition.


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GE Measurement & Control

GE Measurement & Control is a leading innovator in sensor-based measurement, inspection, asset condition monitoring, controls, and radiation measurement solutions that deliver accuracy, productivity and safety to customers in a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation and healthcare. The business is part of GE Oil & Gas and has more than 40 facilities in 25 countries worldwide.