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Improve Your Quality Process with MobileCollect Wireless!

View this short video to see how MobileCollect wireless can help improve your measurement collection process, increasing speed and accuracy while saving you time and money!

Hartzell Propeller Embraces "Done in One" Manufacturing Philosophy

Find out how solutions from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence keep Hartzell Propeller at the top of the list for world-class aviation machine shops.

OEO LED Direct Replacement for Metal Halide Lighting

Learn how to save 68% in energy costs: simply change bulbs - literally - it's as easy as, changing a light bulb. No rewiring, no ballast bypassing, and NO ELECTRICIAN. Simply plug and play from metal halides to The OEO EZ LED Direct Replacements.

Our customers instantly start saving 68% in energy costs - that's $1,000s of dollars. Fast, fast payback. Rebate eligible. 5 year warranty. 55,000+ hour life.

Rated for safety and is UL Listed and RoHS Compliant. Additional advantages against a regular metal halide are higher lumen maintenance, instant-on and restrike, no color change, superior color temperature, higher color rendition index (CRI) and cooler running temperature. Designed for use in an open, indoor fixture.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: An interview with National Institute for Aviation Research
An interview with Brian Brown, Director of Robotics and Automation at the National Institute for Aviation Research.
SQCpack Six-Way Analysis™

See the complete picture with SQCpack Six-Way Analysis™.

It's one display that puts the pieces together to provide a complete analysis.

Ray's Perfect Quality Solution

A short video featuring Ray, Quality Manager at Acme Bottle & Cork Co., solving his quality problem with MobileCollect wireless.

Risk Management Video Training Preview

A preview to 360 Performance Circle's new Risk Management series.

For the full story, check out our website here:

Go beyond just initiating preventive actions to mitigating risks Confront the future of lean and quality with confidence. Address risk with practical tools. Engage risk at strategic, project, process, and product levels. Create intelligent contingency plans.

Episode 29: Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to Manage Risks and Mistake-Proof Bring practical methods to risk management; Satisfy key aspects of the new ISO 9001 requirements

Episode 30: Manage Risk at All Three Levels of the Organization Reduce risk in your products, processes, projects, and strategic decisions

ASQ's 2016 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

Get a sneak peek at what is in store for you at the 2016 World Conference on Quality and Improvement when it comes home to Milwaukee, WI, May 16 – 18! Register today at!

Big Ideas Take Shape

A big idea is taking shape.
An idea so powerful It brings other ideas to life.
And what ideas they are!

From oceanliners to jetliners!
From wind turbines—to cars that fly like the wind!
From intricate watches, to medical devices,
Bicycle wheels that transport a workforce,
Microprocessors that transport big data!
Every breakthrough that has shaped our modern lives started as an idea,Making the journey from concept to reality.
A new idea is taking shape - at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence –With technology that inspires confidence!!
An idea enabling precision, Quality, Speed, And Efficiency.
Because great ideas deserve to be shaped into Great Solutions.
We believe in smart change that is swift to take shape –
And that sensing, thinking, and acting should be fused into a single, seamless process, where productivity can be increased without compromise.
Where measurement is informed instantly by data,
And variability corrected synchronously – With no interruption.
Allowing quality to remain at the heart of manufacturing.
In this world of dense and intricate detail, Our technologies unravel complexity – Intelligently and in real time, accelerating innovation.
This is the idea that is taking shape,
Where quality drives productivity…