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Tired of Manual Data Collection? Try MobileCollect instead.
MobileCollect is the ideal solution for quality control and inspection departments that want to improve their data collection process. MobileCollect is a wireless data collection system that saves you time and money by reducing errors and increasing accuracy – wirelessly transmitting your data with the press of a button – thus eliminating paper and manual entry. This innovative technology is compatible with over 100 gage brands and 3,500 gage devices with SPC output and supports any software, spreadsheet, or cloud-based monitoring application.
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Experience the benefits of closed-loop quality for best-in-class products

Best-in-class products stem from a closed-loop quality solution that enables continuous improvement throughout the entire organization. Manufacturers must be able to meet quality standards, identify possible risks and failures, and mitigate them from the early stages of the product lifecycle. This video explains how manufacturers can synchronize product development, quality planning, and continuous improvement processes and maximize the value of change management.

The value of Quality management in the digital era

Siemens Digital Industries Software extends the conventional paradigm of quality processes from requirements and design to planning, execution, and continuous improvement. Thanks to our broad product portfolio tailored to industry needs, manufacturers can boost innovation cycles and minimize quality-cost risks. With the quality processes integrated into Teamcenter and Opcenter, part of Xcelerator, manufacturers can take the first steps toward digital transformation for a competitive advantage.

PolyWorks|Inspector™ - The Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform

PolyWorks|Inspector™ is a universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using portable metrology devices and CNC CMMs. It offers an extensive set of guidance technologies for efficient, precise, and repeatable measurement processes for portable metrology devices. PolyWorks|Inspector™ offers the most flexible, user-friendly, and efficient CNC CMM offline sequencing workflow on the market.

Automate with GageWay Pro Interfaces

Are you looking for quality, accuracy, and timeliness in your measurement collection? Our GageWay Pro interfaces connect multiple gages and serial devices to a single computer port using physical connecting cables. They can transfer gage data into any Windows program or SPC/data acquisition software and are an excellent option for situations where gage mobility is not a requirement.

Track measurement results from hand tools regardless of their brand or connectivity

mCaliper is a new generation data collection software that adds traceability to manual measurements. Its remote working features help managers organize the work of the QC teams from their home office, monitor measurement results in real time and make informed decisions for the production. You can try the free cloud application at

Buyer's Guide for Quality Management Software

Moving to cloud-based quality management software has never been more valuable (or urgent). Learn best practices from hundreds of successful quality management modernizations at companies like yours in this easy-to-follow cloud QMS buyer's guide. Reserve your free copy of the Buyer's Guide for Quality Management Software today.

Easy Data Collection Options with WedgeLink

Available in “software” and “hardware” configurations, WedgeLink keyboard wedges convert the incoming data from a gage device connected to a computer’s serial or USB port into the “keystroke” format compatible with all Windows programs. Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access are two commonly used programs requiring a keyboard wedge. Watch the short video to learn more.

Quality Webinar Series: Digital Training Management

Watch this free 20 min webinar aimed at answering your most pressing questions around remote collaboration and communication. A three part series, this session focuses on remote auditing. Be sure to sign up for sessions one and two to learn best practices for document control and remote auditing.

Quality Webinar Series: Remote Auditing

Watch this free 20 min webinar aimed at answering your most pressing questions around remote collaboration and communication. A three part series, this session focuses on remote auditing. Be sure to sign up for sessions one and three to learn best practices for document control and digital training management.