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Ideal for measuring large components in precision machining, casting, plastic moldings, electronics, and PCB inspection
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Gain visibility into real-time quality data to improve manufacturing process efficiency, quality, and profits
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Identify leaks in cooling tubes, hoses, and plates; prismatic battery cells and modules; battery pack assemblies
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Met with students to teach them about metrology using the Artec Leo and Geomagic Design X
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Deep Reality Viewer creates stereo, high-definition 3D images without using a monitor
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Total focusing methods exceed conventional imaging by optimally focusing at each point of the reconstruction zone
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Simple, portable, easy-to-perform calibration management with zero training
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iGPS technology enables advanced manufacturing and assembly of large-scale products
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Wing’s shape shifts automatically for aerodynamic loads (e.g., takeoff, landing, cruising)
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Makes it faster and easier to find and return tools to their proper places
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April 25, 2019 workshop focused on hoshin kanri and critical leadership skills related to strategy deployment and A3 thinking
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Z-Trak profilers ensure consistent results across the entire measurement range from 10 mm to 1000 mm
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Identifying the 252 needs for workforce development to meet our future is a complex, wicked, and urgent problem
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ISO and WHO are working for universal access to quality health products that are all at once safe, effective, and affordable
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Membership organization also commemorates 10th anniversary of its Measurement Zone
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Adapt lean in a way that makes sense for your service organization
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Remanufacturing is a way to transform a disposal burden into a business opportunity
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Diamond styli are an excellent choice for demanding applications
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How established companies turn the tables on digital disruptors
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Two key configurations: UH4250 Hardness Scale 0.5-250 kgf and UH4750 Hardness Scale 3-750 kgf