Supply Chain News

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The Heico Companies LLC acquires Ancra Systems to leverage its proprietary technology
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Add notes to annotation drawings in the form of text, sound, or video
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AIAG’s director of corporate responsibility comments on impact of new ethics language in upcoming IATF 16949
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Multi-CAD app allows engineers to work with different data sets within one operation
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The costliest disruptions don’t necessarily come from the most expensive suppliers
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Nearly half of U.S. manufacturing companies surveyed are thinking of reshoring jobs
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Fundamental, sustainable kanban concepts to immediately increase manufacturing productivity
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A year after its debut SCREEN finds a place in high-tech, retail, and transportation sectors
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A comprehensive overview of fundamental topics, recent advances, and future directions
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The supply-chain concept and its related practices are not new
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Group hopes to reduce burden and costs of current regulations
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ISO 28002 offers a comprehensive process for prevention, recovery from disruptive incidents.
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A comprehensive and interactive case study